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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Posted in Life with tags , on June 3, 2008 by rikki5

So I told my work today that I’m leaving at the end of the month. They were all very cool about it. Actually, they said they will give me an excellent reference so that is good. So I’m working here until the end of the month. I hope in my next job I don’t have to bill my time. I hate billing my time. Not too worried about finding a paralegal job though, they are everywhere. This is a very litigious society.

So, I guess this month will be just about wrapping my life up here in Seattle and heading back east! This is definitely going to be a culture shock going from the northwest to southeast. I hope I don’t totally hate it there. I’m looking forward to starting my writing program this fall. Waking up this a.m. it was cold and pouring rain and the feeling to leave here became even stronger. It’s June and I turned on my heat last night. Absurd.

I met this interesting person over the weekend. It’s too bad I’m moving to Florida. Haha..what in the hell…I had everything figured out then I have to meet him. I’m worried about traveling with my cat in my car. Not sure how that will play out. Maybe I should buy one of those harness/leash deals. I thought about shipping him (Scout) but seems like that would be so stressful to an animal to be shipped on a plane and have total strangers pick you up. Not to mention I would be scared to death he would be lost in transit. I have no problems driving across the country- I’ve done it three times before- just never with an animal. Dogs are way cooler to travel with. Two of those times I was with someone else and once I drove from Palm Springs – Lexington, KY. That was back in 2001 though. I just know I cannot stay here any longer. I feel like Seattle is a vortex of negative energy just waiting to suck me into the black void!


Random Thoughts

Posted in Life with tags , , , on May 30, 2008 by rikki5

I’m finding it harder and harder to go to work lately. Probably I just need to tell them I’m leaving. I have so much to think about because I’m moving at the end of June. Everything is so expensive. Most of my check is going towards my rent. It sucks. Why is it so expensive to live anymore? I can’t believe gasoline is like 4 dollars. The legal work is kind of stressing me out. It’s all so intense. Actually, I’m thinking about becoming a waitress. I know that I will make way less money but at least I could sleep in everyday and meet nice people. I like making people happy. 🙂