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Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2014 by rikki5

Took break from writing paper…noticed blog typo several weeks later…quickly logged into wordpress to correct said typo..ended up writing quick draft….So much stuff going on right now its hard to fathom really or even put into words, ‘m getting married soon!!! And wouldn’t you know that the end of my term also is at the same time, but of course they cannot allow you to withdraw without penalty and so here I am. Without my fiance and his great family who are celebrating fathers day but instead sitting here listening to “light classical” and trying to figure out why people are so apathetic they didn’t even bother to help someone when they are getting killed…oh joy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about google “Kitty Genovese” 1964. Poor lady…how terrible no one had the balls to help her.
Ah.. don’t ya just love forensic psychology? Well obviously right now I am distracting myself from what I should really be writing, which is my research paper that is due at midnight tonight on prosocial behavior–I get it, if you aren’t thinking it’s not a big deal neither am I..(inside prosocial behavior joke).