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On the Campaign Trail

Posted in Life, Society with tags , , , , , , , , on October 10, 2011 by rikki5

So yesterday I went out on my own on the Ron Paul campaign trail to get signatures to get Dr. Paul on the ballot for the Virginia primary on March 6th. In Virginia, they require 10,000 signatures and 400 signatures from each congressional district to get the name on the ballot. So when the Campaign for Liberty sent me some petitions with a request to help Dr. Paul, I said why the heck not?!

Well, I haven’t gone door to door since I first moved to Seattle in 1995. That was campaigning with WASHPIRG to save the salmon streams. Now here I am, sixteen years later campaigning for Ron Paul door-to-door.

I spent 3 hours yesterday going door-to-door and gained only 20 signatures. Most people who didn’t sign were either lying when they said they were not registered voters or that they were not really registered to vote. Others said no way- that they are voting Democrat. A few said they didn’t know anything about Ron Paul. A couple merely shut the door in my face. Still others were extremely nice and signed my petition just to help me out. A couple of people said they loved Dr. Paul and grabbed my petition right away! One African-American answered the door and I asked if her parents were home, oops—she said she was over 18 and after my apologies saying she looked so young, she signed my petition. A few people were foreigners but exclaimed their appreciation that they would soon become American citizens and some were from out of state. One nice guy told me he was from Texas and way to go!

So, I get home 20 signatures later and myself feeling somewhat patriotic I made the effort then somewhat disgusted with the apathy and ignorance still running rampant in the general American
public. Ah, democracy!!

My friend calls me.

“Hey come over, I have some Ron Paul people here,” he says.

So I go over and gathered 6 more signatures. One was my friend of course. Two were some old biker dudes. One lady was a biker chick who said she wanted to know Ron Paul’s stance on bringing the troops home.

“He wants to bring them home now,” I replied. She immediately signed.

The other two was a couple who just happened to be there. A guy and his girlfriend who looked like they were about 20 years old. They started talking to me about stuff I didn’t even know about Ron Paul. They informed me of a protest going on at the Federal Reserve this weekend. Apparently they had just viewed some films about the Federal Reserve.

“I never used to care much about politics,” she said, “But it has gotten to the point you have to do something. I’m so glad someone is doing something,” she said as she signed my petition.

Amazing. Even though Ron Paul is supposed to be a “fringe” candidate, 20-somethings know more about him than I do. He has cured the apathy of today’s youth.

So all in all I guess it was a success. 26 signatures, my faith in Ron Paul confirmed, my faith in the youth of today restored, and Democracy still alive and well in America…at least for a while longer.