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Rum Rum Rum

Posted in Life, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on December 16, 2009 by rikki5

Ahhh..Rum.  Diplomatico Rum to be exact, how you soothe my weary soul.  Sitting here thinking, drinking, thinking about what to write about.  A called me tonight. No, not that A- a different A.  I need to make up a new initial…anyway. We talked like normal people for once.  It’s sad that people change.  They change and they lose each other along the way.  I think I should listen to Moz.  i’M FEELING VERY 80s. I’m very concerned about him after he cancelled his show in Indio, Calif.   Still haven’t heard about the show he cancelled in St. Petersburg but I can’t really complain because I saw him in Hollywood. If anyone could really listen I think it would be Stephen Patrick Morrissey.  I believe he is on my list of people I would like to meet living or dead.    Top 3 living would be : 1. Tori Amos 2. Stephen Patrick Morrissey (Moz) 3. j/k  probably Joaquin Phoenix so I could ask him out.  Dead would be: 1. Jesus 2. Mother Teresa 3. Jonathan Larson (easy)/

I feel strange. I need to send him (A) something for Christmas just because i’M TRYING TO SEND GOODWILL.  Yet then part of me doesn’t want to send him anything because of what has gone down between us. A smart person would let it go.  I still love him perhaps…I’m feeling ill. This is the rum talking.

At least some.


Where is Moz? and please return my €$

Posted in Life, Music with tags , , , , , on April 30, 2009 by rikki5

Where is Moz? and why won’t Ticketmaster answer my questions?  I don’t understand. He was supposed to play Jannus Landing and yet, he doesn’t show due to a mysterious “illness”.  I’m really worried about him.  I hear there have been sightings all over America and he’s done some great shows.  Why did he forget about St. Petersburg?  I feel gipped too because Ticketmaster keeps saying it has been “postponed”.  Yet, they do not have a date.  I really love Moz but I’m starting to feel disappointed as a fan.

I’m watching Fargo.  Steve Buscemi is really hilarious.  What a joker.   I have decided to get up fairly early on Satuday and Sunday to complete my narrative.  I plan on spending the days at the library researching and the nights at home writing.  Tonight, however..I’m watching IFC. The End.