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Lost in the West

Posted in Life with tags , , , , on June 10, 2008 by rikki5

I feel like things are in such a state of chaos right now it’s hard to even focus on this blog. I’m preparing for my move to Florida…so my entries probably will be sporadic until I actually get there in late July/early August and become more settled..i.e.- bored. I fear that I will be terribly bored down there but at least I’ll have school to keep busy…

So, I haven’t been doing much writing at all. I’m trying to decipher what I can bring/what needs shipping/ and what needs to be tossed. It’s hard to decide all this plus deciding so much other stuff. Work is a distraction yet I need to make the money so I can afford my bills while I’m off. I don’t know if I should sell my HDTV or not. Part of me wants the cash and part of me wants to keep it. It’s so hard to get up to go to work knowing all the stuff that needs to get done at home. I never really thought I would be traveling again across country. When I came back to Washington I thought that would be it. In fact, this little town I live in I love so much. It’s so quaint, by the sea..little downtown area, quaint european shops and cafes. Two years ago I said that I would live in this town until I die..and just look each day where I would be buried, where I would eat breakfast at seventy…but now I realize that I’m too lonely here away from my family (back east) and friends (California).

Anyway, lots of stuff going on. Part of me wishes life were simpler but I know that once I arrive at my destination that my life will be more fufilling on levels that are impossible to acheive living here. Plus it will be nice to get a change of perspective/scenery. C’est la vie!