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Holiday Problems — “Rounding UP” Scrooge or Smart?

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Scrooge or Smart…you be the judge.  Am I the only one who doesn’t buy into this whole round up thing…every cashier, would you like to donate, etc.?  

No, I would not like to round up.

But it’s only 7 cents.

That’s Ok.

Endure look of indignation.  Look — I know nothing about your charity.  I haven’t researched how it spends its donations or what kind of work it does.  You may claim it helps hungry children, but most charities are not well regulated and just are paychecks for the “organizer.”

Cite a few examples of charities that misuse funds.

Call me Scrooge, but I’d like to keep my change and donate to a charity that is close to my heart and one that I have researched how they use their funds.  I used to be a bleeding heart too— donated to hungry kids, cure cancer, Save the Whales…

Then I realized how misappropriated 80% of charities really are.  And I realized, that’s seven more cents I can spend on my kid or to a charity that I love like “SOSS — Save our Standardbreds from Slaughter” or “World Wildlife Foundation.”   Maybe it is “scrooge-like” against my fellow humans.  But really, after learning so much about charities that misappropriate funds (by said humans) must I also be looked at as a monster because I won’t give 7 cents to feed an anonymous charity that cures hunger?  It’s like The cashier must’ve wished she had a microphone to announce “ Attention everyone—This lady will not so much as donate 7 cents to charity!!! She wants kids to starvE!!  Everyone in the store looking at me. The horror.  This is why I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon.

Even though it’s the holidays we still need to think for ourselves. I will not be donating my change to some charity I know nothing about.  And for the record, I DO NOT wish children to starve.  In fact, after this experience I’m going to donate my time and try to volunteer at a food bank or something..

Anyways, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  Cheers and Happy Holidays!



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Disclaimer: this post was written under the influence of Pinot Noir and uses cuss words.

Uh, what is going on? Youtube is purging all channels that go against the mainstream media. I don’t agree with everything people say but everyone should have a right to voice what they want to voice. It’s not only in the USA it’s WORLDWIDE. Let them speak their minds. Isn’t that what the fuck this country was founded on? Or maybe what this country was founded on was a big fucking LIE. GOOGLE is out of control, I’m thinking of “degoogling” my life. Changing email platforms and switching over from youtube.

I don’t mean to be belligerent, so excuse me if I am–but this is FUCKING ridiculous. Is this really the life that we in the future are going to have to go to? what about my son who is class of 2034 what will the world be like for him? not able to speak his mind? not able to voice his opinion? will they even have schools then? Or will they be taught by robots that censor free thought? the people who grew up in the fucking 80s and 90s now we have to deal with this censorship bullcrap? This is unacceptable. And some of us will fight in whatever ways we can.  Youtube claims it’s a “private company” so it’s not subject to first amendment protections, but It uses public content so perhaps it should start being regulated as such by the SEC or other agencies.  Thinking of business torts, and wondering…how far did the so called “founding fathers” want to take us?  These so called fathers weren’t very forward thinking of their so called children, the descendants in the USA.  They should have said, first amendment carries on into the next century and beyond.  My guess is that these so Called fathers were just a Bunch of bullshitters wanting to sit on their porches and sip sweet tea and not even comprehending what we as the future Americans must deal with.  We need a BETTER DEAL.  Maybe we are just on our own now.  The mainstream media is pathetic. Just always remember this – THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!

People aren’t going to stand for this COMMIE CENSORSHIP you either let us speak our minds or face the wrath of the people. What is youtube thinking? they are totally destroying their brand deleting channels.

Youtube is mass hiring “truth & safety” teams! WTF IS THAT. Truth and Safety? who are these ambassadors of Truth and Safety and why aren’t their pictures and biographies on the youtube site. Probably just a bunch of people who think they are super cool cuz they work for google LOL

Okay rant is over. I’m dumb for publishing this because it’s awful writing. But so what. No one actually reads this blog. I’ll write a more sensible post later.  Hopefully they won’t start censoring WordPress! Peace!

Just wrote this little number. – we can be who we want to be~!~

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We can be who we want to be

we can go where we want to go

we can write bad poems

and no-one will say I told you so

We can be who we want to be

we can go where we want to go

we can have our avocados

and eat toast too……

don’t be a fool

you knew it before

I said one last time

I’m watching you walk out that door

and now time after time and day after day

you still play

but you won’t play me no more

I’m walking out of your door

and now everything I need

is right in front of me

we can go where we want to go

we can be who we want to be

we can say what we want to say

as long as you don’t say

I told you so.


The State of Celebrity Politics

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I started out this year in a sincere attempt to dissent, as my right as an American.  I read I had the right to do this in the Declaration of Independence. I was serious.  I drove in the night like a bandit out of hell and half thought myself crazy until I saw the millions of women from all over this nation there with me.  The Declaration of Independence is a document authored by men who had noble ideas but were flawed themselves in many different ways.   I was taught about this document in the public school system.  I was taught that the people rule the show not the other way around.  I was taught to never doubt this document and also the Constitution.  Nothing could ever go against either of these documents  – I took it to heart.  Then I grew up and learned perhaps the things I was taught were just a version of things.  I soon learned that the hardest part about accepting that what I had been taught was distorted (and perhaps even perverted), was that I had to accept it so I could be in reality and realize that those things I was taught had to be examined under a new sort of perspective. The biggest letdown was to myself though.  That I had wasted so much time believing in the dreams they presented before me and accepting their rules and limitations on realizing them. Dissent these days seems to be a dirty word. The Bush administration has, at least since September 11th, usually termed any criticism of its policies “unpatriotic.”

Howard Zinn: While some people think that dissent is unpatriotic, I would argue that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. In fact, if patriotism means being true to the principles for which your country is supposed to stand, then certainly the right to dissent is one of those principles. And if we’re exercising that right to dissent, it’s a patriotic act.

One of the great mistakes made in discussing patriotism — a very common mistake — is to think that patriotism means support for your government. And that view of patriotism ignores the founding principles of the country expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That is: the Declaration of Independence makes it clear that governments are artificial creations set up to achieve certain ends — equality, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness — and when governments become destructive of those ends it is the right of the people in the words of the Declaration, to alter or abolish the government. (Zinn, 2002)


After the march on D.C. earlier this year,  I have become in a sort of daze at the state of affairs about everything.  Of course, entertainment and politics is nothing new — check out this list of celebrity politicians (thanks wikipedia):


What’s frustrating though is Especially how everyone is from every angle.  Facebook is especially toxic.  So now I’m just accepting that our society is going to pretty much start a downward spiral.  Even though politics has always been sort of there it feels now it is completely taking over.  Even Ronald Reagan was a Governor before he became PREZ so he has a bit more of experience….Trump has none.  He’s just like this national symbol of embarrassment.  Society seems to be declining the amount of people who are wiling to accept the state of things as they are.   You can tell this is going to be happening by the amount of celebrities now  pronouncing that they want to run for President in 2020.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson put up the money to the Federal Elections Commission to run for President in 2020.  Part of me is excited about this possibility, he’s not bad to look at and looks like he could kick Trump and Putin’s ass.  He would be diplomatic yet forceful.  Genuine and easy to approach and talk to but also commanding respect and attention.  The ability that he can form independent thought helps.  These should be like general requirements for President right?!

Even so—  The thought of a former wrestling champion as President is a letdown.  We are picking someone to run the country here..a country people! It’s almost like a joke and it feels sort of like the joke is on us as citizens…do we really want Kid Rock in the Senate and Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson as President of the United States?  No, we do not.

Then again, no matter how unqualified they are , I would vote for any number of individuals over Trump even if they are unqualified.  That is what makes me so apathetic about the state of celebrity politics,  you don’t even need to be qualified for the job as President. It’s like showing up to a job and you have zero experience in the field.  Sure you can learn on the job when you are waiting tables or typing data entry…but do you really want someone learning on the job with things such as open heart surgery or, I don’t know– leading a country?

Reality is merging with what is going on in television and social media.    So absurd to even think that voting especially matters if this is all we can do, just vote in some election for some people who are most likely very flawed individuals with big egos.  The state of celebrity politics is a dangerous game and one I’m tired of participating in.   Who will step up and run in 2020 if it’s coming down to celebrities — I just want to throw a few names out there that I think would make excellent Presidents:

-Morgan Freeman

–Susan Sarandon

-Matthew McConaughey

-Brad Pitt

-Sean Penn

-Sally Field

-Jodie Foster


Disillusioned in Middle America

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For those that have messaged me, so sorry I haven’t written in the blog so much….it’s been kind of crazy with our country and the world in general right now, not to mention just trying to exist and be happy and just live. It seems like when one thing gets on track another thing gets off track. It has been this way my entire life though so I’m used to it. It just seems more intense right now, if that makes sense….

So much has been going on it’s hard to keep up. Since I marched in January, it’s been like one circus to the next here in the Good ol USA and frankly I’m getting quite tired of dealing with it. As an American.

To the internet, please help me! Get rid of this nagging feeling that things will survive until……2020.

So there are a few things I want to cover in this post..and they are kind of different but also interrelated.

The first is the breaking news story right now : Jared Kushner, son-in-law to now President Donald J. Trump has been caught telling some Russian peeps that they should establish a “secret line” to talk to each other away from seeing eyes (i.e., Intelligence forces) and that the Russian computer nerds should secure it. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a whole lotta treason to me! TREASON! And mind you, this is Trump’s family and closest adviser.

The second thing I want to discuss is Trump’s plan to open up trade with China and the basic deal is that American cattlemen are going to ship cows over to China to be butchered and slaughtered and in exchange we get their shitty cooked chicken meat.   I don’t know about you, but even though the cattlemen are super excited getting hard-ons about this, didn’t Trump himself campaign on the premise that he was going to be tough on China…he even vowed to cut them off totally ! Now all of a sudden he is wheeling and dealing and creating more pain and suffering for animals in the process? It is an outrage that we as Americans would support this cruelty, it’s horrible enough that here in America cows are subjected to torture, but now they are going to be shipped like freight overseas? And not only that, they are rounding up the symbols of our country – THE AMERICAN MUSTANG HORSE and “relocating” them and shipping them also to slaughter just so cattle can graze on the horses’ land. It is cruel and inhumane to do so and I will be writing everyone in my precinct about this issue. If anything, this has committed me further into veganism and my quest to get people to realize you don’t need to eat meat to be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. The best thing you can do to not support these practices is go vegan…it’s a journey, not a destination.  Just start by swapping out certain things for veganized versions, it’s definitely fun to learn to cook new things!  I am thinking about reaching more people in China…try to get them to be vegetarian/vegan through social media but isn’t China communist? Can they even talk on the internet freely? Unfortunately, there are a lot of greedy people in this world who just want to use animals for their own selfish gains – please save it those who say we have always eaten meat…we have always done a lot of fucked up shit. But we can always change. And it least give animals the dignity of a life that they deserve. It’s unfortunate that so many animals have to be used and tortured in the process.  I saw the saddest video today of a cow literally crying.  It was so messed up.  Trump went back on every campaign promise he’s ever made and it looks like now with his senior adviser and family member, JK, wheeling and dealing for a back line he will be on his way out soon and perhaps animals will have a chance.

The third thing I want to discuss is the new TSA regulation about “checking out your carryon.” The TSA is now whining because people are trying to put too much in their carry on bags so now we have to remove everything from our carry-ons. Including letting them go through phones? So they can search us and profile us? Or eventually maybe they can scan our retinas just to prove our identity because there are doppelgängers out there? I love how these thing always come after some sort of terrorist act.  They didn’t even wait a week to roll this out.  Now we have to go through extra love feels from the TSA.  My city is one of the lucky ones they are testing this out on, like we are rats, and they are experimenting on us to see if we are going to go for this or not.  They came out with this story this morning and are saying they are giving it a “trial run” in select cities across the nation. Just like they did with the body X-rays…wonder what they will want next? A sample of DNA to fly the friendly skies? Fuck you. I’ll drive. But I assume that too will be coming soon to the highways if Americans don’t stand up and say, thanks- but no thanks. It’s not like I am not for being safe and secure, but where is the line drawn? Are we going to allow them to scan us like property just like they do with the cows and shipping them to other countries? when are we going to stand up and say NO! because they will keep pushing further and further until finally we basically have to have secret clearance to fly anywhere. They don’t want poor people flying you see…and that is fine. But if they ever come after the highways and byways we will have a problem.  Then we will have to come to terms about some things as a society about how far are we willing to go to give up our civil liberties? When will we stand up and say no, I am a native born daughter or son of this land and my liberty is mine! it is a god given right! And we hopefully will stop them in their tracks.

If that doesn’t work, we can simply refuse to travel anywhere and become more locally oriented. We have to vote with our $$$$$ about what we are going to accept as people, both with the airlines and by what we choose to support.  Soon we will have to be getting back to more local ways of life anyway– their plans are very destructive–but we can overcome them if we become more aware of how “they” are planning to use we the people (like cattle) and then stand up with our voices together as one! we have to! ! !


UC Berkeley Protests and the Black Bloc

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Soo…the Trump administration is wasting no time and leaders around our country in our own state governments are now eating it up.  They have had enough of the protesters.  Is it me, or is this CNN article really odd and morbid starting out, “It may soon be legal to run over protesters with your car in North Dakota. But only if you do it accidentally.” (CNN, 2017).  So, let me get this straight now it is okay to murder someone in North Dakota (or will be if this law is enacted) as long as the person was blocking your way by protesting.   Basically, it’s okay to commit vehicular homicide if the person is exercising first amendment rights.  This is the country we are living in now.  It’s even worse than I thought.  I thought simply free speech would be outlawed but now murder and assault is perfectly okay, as long as the victim was officially practicing some sort of civil disobedience.  Oh yes, there’s that little guise of it being an “accident.”  How dumb do the lawmakers really think we are?

It’s not just happening in North Dakota, numerous States are introducing similar initiatives.  Even in the protestor friendly State of Washington.   According to a poll done by Fox most people do think the federal funding should be cut to UC Berkeley after the protests a few days ago. See, here.   Then again, it is Fox but still..President Trump sends out some half-witted tweet and the public just eats it up as well without even checking the facts or considering them.  They see one or two reports on the news of people smashing windows and the media stating how violent the protests were and they immediately make sweeping generalizations. Then the media really has to push the agenda of fear and demonization of protesting as the headlines all state “violent” protests in big bold letters all over the news.  Do people not realize the people who were doing the violent protesting were not the students?  Why is it always a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch? The group known as “black bloc” are the ones who are the anarchists and have no real purpose except to cause damage and incite violence and make the real protesters look bad.

The last time I checked, the Constitution of the United States was the law of this land allowing peaceful assembly and free speech.  As a reminder:  Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

But now various other laws around the country are being introduced, under the guise of protests “interfering with commerce.”  And mainly because of these misguided and angry people who are defeating the whole purpose of assembly.  The intimidating dress and violent energy spewing forth from these obviously lost ninjas makes me want to yell through the computer–hey ! you assholes are making it worse!– In effect, they are defeating the purpose and I’m just wondering why?    Are they just simply anarchists and want to destroy society?  Are they planted by the controllers to discredit the actual real protesters?  Do they just need a hug? Who are these people waving red flags and acting all crazy? No one talks about them other than to group them in with peaceful citizens and saying we are all destructive and unruly.  The violent ones juxtaposed to the peaceful ones was quite apparent at the UC Berkeley march.  Very important blog post here talking about the “black bloc” and how these anarchists have a long history of disrupting peaceful protests at Berkeley.    According to Chris Hedges, “The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement.” (D. Douglas-Bowers 2014).   They [the black bloc folks] came out of a movement in the 1980s–if you believe that– from Germany. (Kunnath, A. 2017).

As the peaceful students and citizens of the city and surrounding areas came together to oppose this person speaking at their school, all of a sudden as the peaceful marchers were going into the streets, all of these crazy ninja type folks show up, clearly up to no good and ready to start some trouble to disrupt the whole process.  These are the ones who are freaking out “the Masters” and now various bills and initiatives are going to be enacted to take away our first amendment rights to peaceably assemble.  Seems fishy to me.  But yet, no one is talking about them.  It’s just generalizations about protesters in general.

The majority of people who were assembled peaceably to voice their opposition to a  white supremacist speaking at their school were students and citizens of the community.  You can check it out here if you missed it. Last time I checked, students pay tuition to attend, or get into debt in some cases, so why shouldn’t they have a voice on who is speaking at their school?  It’s not a community center. Even if it was a community center, if the community doesn’t want him then so be it.  Frankly, this is the first time I’ve heard of this guy (Milo Yiannopoulos) and really the last I want to hear about him.  I’m not even going to do “the research” because I have better things to do than read up on this shady character.  Fact is, I could care less about him.   He is very irrelevant to what is really going down and a distraction.  Like one protester said — “He won’t get a forum at UC Berkeley.”  They feel strongly about it and it’s their school so why is everyone so freaked out about it?  He can have a forum at many other places to spew his rhetoric.  What’s even worse is the President backing him up saying he is threatening to pull federal funds.  Wow, speechless…our President is really clueless on how to lead a country.

I am not sure what is happening to our country but I don’t like the path we are going down. Violent anarchists are disrupting peaceful protests and now the public and the government are penalizing everyone by trying to take our Constitutional rights away.  The public is ready to let them do it too because of a fringe radical group without any understanding of the greater challenges this presents to our society and the price we will pay is yet more civil liberties being taken away.   If we are going to have our voices heard in the Resistance, we MUST find a way to deal with those who insist that violence, vandalism, and intimidation are the ways to protest.  History has proven otherwise.  The only true and effective way to stand up to the powers that be is through non-violent and peaceful assembly combined with acute awareness that we are all diverse individuals with something to contribute.  Anything less is a waste of time.

As you can see here in the UC Berkeley statement, the violence was the sole responsibility of “150 masked agitators who came onto campus and disrupted an otherwise non-violent protest.” (Public Affairs, UC Berkeley, 2017).  Who are these masked agitators?  Maybe it’s time to tell them to take off their masks and seek some professional mental health services.

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Crazy Day

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Strange energies coming through today.  I can barely focus on work and I am very hyped up and more “political” than usual.   I keep reading about the crazy things Trump is doing.  So lets take a look on day 6 of the Trump administration:


courtesy of AJ+

Message Now
Uhh, ya… I don’t know about you but none of this looks all that appealing to me during the first week of a Trump presidency.  FIRST WEEK– shouldn’t the President be getting the feel for things, moving into his new place, greeting people,  getting his family settled after a long season of campaigning, and seeing “what’s up” with this whole being President thing before he completely dismantles the government and starts pissing off a bunch of people?  These guys mean business, folks.  They are ready to start cracking the whip.   Trump supporters are eating it up though, if you question in any way their leader they immediately label you a Hilary supporter, a liberal, a snowflake.  Anything to make you seem weak and inferior.  The only positive thing on this list is the Department of Agriculture lifting the “gag order” — but again, why was there even a “gag order” in the first place from a President to a State Department?  Is this really happening in the country I live in right now?  I feel like I’m being invaded by a foreign nation.
Also in the news is the new administration charging reporters with felony rioting charges for covering the inauguration day protests.  See, here.   This seems an awful like that dreaded word that I didn’t want to use that starts with an “F.”  And no, not fuck!
Now independent reporters who cover protests, no matter what they devolve into, may be charged with felony rioting charges.  What’s next, charges against the American people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights?  I could see that happening in a few years if things continue like this.  It is only day 6.
Trump’s pen was all a twitter as well as he introduced proclamation after proclamation and writing it into law.  Undoing all of the orders that Obama signed, and introducing some clever ones of his own.  Executive Orders are meaningless, folks– this is why we have 3 branches of government so when Congress does not do their job each President has to do “executive” Orders but they are essentially worthless as we see today in 2017.  A newly-elected President can simply hold a news conference and sign his proclamations and now there is a new law.   Now we have a King and his Subjects.
What’s clear from today’s news and the past few days is that peaceful protesting, and solidarity with others in our cause is the only thing that will save us.  Executive Orders are meaningless and we are our own worst enemies but also our own best friends.  Let’s be good to each other!