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The Sentence of the Mind

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The Sentence of the Mind

I call this little ditty “the sentence of the mind”

~A sentence of doom

~At our start

~~The mind shines

~A sentence of service

~At your heart

~~The mind sighs

~A sentence of truth

~Only parts

~~The mind tries

~A sentence of fucking

~in the dark

~~The mind lies

~A sentence of you

~~The mind dies. 


Craigslist Dreams

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Why am I just chasing down this dream on Craigslist that people who say they want to buy my stuff actually want to come and get it.  It’s so absurd, having objects – having things that keep bogging me down I thought I could count on another person to help me out especially after they claim to really want what I have and am giving away for free.

Another absurdity is why I keep thinking fellow humans want to follow through and not flake out all the time.  Why can’t these fictional people who write long dissertations about their expertise on my particular item, case in point this Lowery Organ that I’m trying to get rid of.  Do you know how fucking heavy organs are?  No salvation army will take them.  No church is in need.  Most of the vintage ones need servicing. Awkward. Bulky.  Heavy and rude, organs are the misanthropes of the musical kingdom and this particular organ is driving on my nerves.

Actual exchange of Craigslist convo (names changed to protect the innocent):

5:02 p.m. —  (Craigslist guy ) Did you have the video of the organ?  I really want to come get it tomorrow I don’t care how it plays.

Me:  Proceeds to do infomercial on this Lowrey organ–an organ that was bequeathed to me and unwanted but too heavy for me to move.

6:00 p.m.- Did you still want it? (thinking of our conversation the previous day when he said he needed it to feed his family).

7:19 p.m. — No.

7:21 p.m. — Something came up, I didn’t mean to waste your time.

& 7:22 p.m. why am I so fucking gullible to believe people!!




The Wall’s Already Built! (NOT)

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Jokes on us, I suppose.  George Washington, first President of the United States said, “Your union ought to be considered as a main prop of your liberty, and … the love of the one ought to endear to you the preservation of the other.”   Do you think if I read that to a Trump supporter they would want to have a valid conversation and try to endear themselves to me?    Nope.  They would laugh in my face call me a snowflake and other insulting words.  Then start yelling MAGA and Build the Wall!  There’s just no talking to them.  Just look at any comment section on social media and they definitely aren’t trying to preserve their fellow Americans.  In fact, they probably want us all wiped out so they can live in their dystopia of isolationism.   They are like robots — do you still wonder now why Putin endorsed Trump for President?

Yesterday, there was a ‘finish the wall’ banner at his psycho rally and now This (F’ing!) Wall is already started, according to the self-proclaimed “great negotiator.”  This is just one of Trump’s lame attempts to save face after suffering a embarrassing defeat to his presidency.  We all know who is really running this country (hint: she’s the Speaker of the House).  Since Pence is out to lunch (or possibly in love with Trump?) — it’s apparent that Trump did himself no favors being “dog walked” by Miss P.

So yesterday, I’m saying he should just tell the Maga lackeys that the wall is already built because they are oh so eager to believe him.  You think he was the second coming of Christ.  Trump supporter:  “Oh, but he was sent by Christ to save America!”  Well today, according to Trump – it’s already been started!  Poof! It’s already magically there–even though no reports that I can find say any new sort of structure has been built.

So again, as I have asked myself so much in the past 3 years– WTF is he talking about?  Nothing has been built.  Only wasteful “improvements” to existing structures while the rest of America crumbles to pieces.

He’s feeding his frenzied fans his usual nonsense that the wall is already coming into being whether the entire American people approve or not.  And remember — who said — Your UNION (see above)–  not just the half that voted for him.   His devoted disciples are just jumping at the bit — according to them there’s nothing the rest of us (meaning the majority of the country) can do about it.  These folks are so mistaken by their own populist delusions of grandeur that they literally formed a human wall  after Trump tweeted that they would form a human wall!

These people who call themselves true blooded Americans would do anything their glorious leader told them to do if it was in the name of the wall and all things Trump.  The worst part is they not only want to build a physical wall but a wall around what they have in common with “the other half”–being American.   I give ’em credit, they are passionate–but for all the wrong reasons.  We need true immigration reform as well as better foreign policy with our neighbors in Mexico and Central America.   Ever since the 1800s, we’ve been meddling in their politics starting with the banana trade and throughout history.  Then people wonder why they are fleeing their homes just for a chance…it’s almost like we’ve forgotten our history and our humanity.

So with Trump, I always ask myself who is going to profit from his nonsense?  Because the wall is nothing but nonsense.  Again, we need TRUE immigration reform not a wall standing up between an ally and friend of USA- Mexico.  According to various sources, there are several Russian steel companies invested in providing the “materials” for this wall.  Here’s just one article

I would do a longer in-depth research but I’ll leave that up to you because it’s getting late here and I’m just over it.  Apparently there’s some Russian dude involved and some Russian companies and maybe his wife is good friends with Ivanka..but that’s just a coincidence.  LOL..


More Tomorrow until things improve!






My State of the Union

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Ok..back on this thang.  So–haven’t written in awhile because well…the state of the union is so bleak and I haven’t been pissed off enough to comment.  I’ve been holding it in. So now I may since this wall shit is firing back up –while the internet is still “semi-free” speech.  Catch my drift?


Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Trump holds these “rallies” now 3 years into his presidency feels like living in a alternate reality.  It’s clear that Trump himself lives in an alternate reality.  Today at his rally he told his minions that “A Lot of Wall” has already been built. No portion of the wall has been built.  The great negotiator shut down the government for over a month and then decided that he would give in to reopen it because people couldn’t pay their rent.  Now, he gets a fraction of what he wants for a wall — though in my opinion 1.4 billion could be better spent on our public school systems, transportation, systems,  cleaning up our water systems throughout the country.  Even investing infrastructure which I heard thrown around as a buzz word during his campaign. Speaking of which, 2019 and he hasn’t stopped campaigning since he was elected.  He’s never fully been a president “For the People” he’s just been a president “For his People.”  There is a difference.  Trump himself is living in an alternate reality, along with his supporters.  I’m sorry to say the Republican party is a far cry from what it was back in the era of Reagan.  I was a child in the 80s — dating myself here but Ronald Reagan said about walls — MR. GORBECHOV TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump tells his maga(t)s that “a lot of wall” is already being built.  He even had a banner up saying “finish the wall” . Awesome!  So why did he stop there, why not just say it’s already been built behind the rest of America’s back.  I mean, they would believe it.  He could tell them he abolished the constitution and they would be like Yeah! Whoo needs a dang constitution when you got President Trump!

Republicans, look in the mirror — Are you ready to let Mitch McConnell and Company raid your social security and medicare to use to appease Trump for his wall?  What happened to Mexico paying for it?  Are you even awake or blinded by your own patriotism?  Maybe that is what it’s going to take.  While the rich get richer and the middle class suffer you can wear your MAGA hat to get your $1.99 Grand Slam deal at Dennys.

Okay! this was fun!

Talk tomorrow…!

Holiday Problems — “Rounding UP” Scrooge or Smart?

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Scrooge or Smart…you be the judge.  Am I the only one who doesn’t buy into this whole round up thing…every cashier, would you like to donate, etc.?  

No, I would not like to round up.

But it’s only 7 cents.

That’s Ok.

Endure look of indignation.  Look — I know nothing about your charity.  I haven’t researched how it spends its donations or what kind of work it does.  You may claim it helps hungry children, but most charities are not well regulated and just are paychecks for the “organizer.”

Cite a few examples of charities that misuse funds.

Call me Scrooge, but I’d like to keep my change and donate to a charity that is close to my heart and one that I have researched how they use their funds.  I used to be a bleeding heart too— donated to hungry kids, cure cancer, Save the Whales…

Then I realized how misappropriated 80% of charities really are.  And I realized, that’s seven more cents I can spend on my kid or to a charity that I love like “SOSS — Save our Standardbreds from Slaughter” or “World Wildlife Foundation.”   Maybe it is “scrooge-like” against my fellow humans.  But really, after learning so much about charities that misappropriate funds (by said humans) must I also be looked at as a monster because I won’t give 7 cents to feed an anonymous charity that cures hunger?  It’s like The cashier must’ve wished she had a microphone to announce “ Attention everyone—This lady will not so much as donate 7 cents to charity!!! She wants kids to starvE!!  Everyone in the store looking at me. The horror.  This is why I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon.

Even though it’s the holidays we still need to think for ourselves. I will not be donating my change to some charity I know nothing about.  And for the record, I DO NOT wish children to starve.  In fact, after this experience I’m going to donate my time and try to volunteer at a food bank or something..

Anyways, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  Cheers and Happy Holidays!


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Disclaimer: this post was written under the influence of Pinot Noir and uses cuss words.

Uh, what is going on? Youtube is purging all channels that go against the mainstream media. I don’t agree with everything people say but everyone should have a right to voice what they want to voice. It’s not only in the USA it’s WORLDWIDE. Let them speak their minds. Isn’t that what the fuck this country was founded on? Or maybe what this country was founded on was a big fucking LIE. GOOGLE is out of control, I’m thinking of “degoogling” my life. Changing email platforms and switching over from youtube.

I don’t mean to be belligerent, so excuse me if I am–but this is FUCKING ridiculous. Is this really the life that we in the future are going to have to go to? what about my son who is class of 2034 what will the world be like for him? not able to speak his mind? not able to voice his opinion? will they even have schools then? Or will they be taught by robots that censor free thought? the people who grew up in the fucking 80s and 90s now we have to deal with this censorship bullcrap? This is unacceptable. And some of us will fight in whatever ways we can.  Youtube claims it’s a “private company” so it’s not subject to first amendment protections, but It uses public content so perhaps it should start being regulated as such by the SEC or other agencies.  Thinking of business torts, and wondering…how far did the so called “founding fathers” want to take us?  These so called fathers weren’t very forward thinking of their so called children, the descendants in the USA.  They should have said, first amendment carries on into the next century and beyond.  My guess is that these so Called fathers were just a Bunch of bullshitters wanting to sit on their porches and sip sweet tea and not even comprehending what we as the future Americans must deal with.  We need a BETTER DEAL.  Maybe we are just on our own now.  The mainstream media is pathetic. Just always remember this – THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!

People aren’t going to stand for this COMMIE CENSORSHIP you either let us speak our minds or face the wrath of the people. What is youtube thinking? they are totally destroying their brand deleting channels.

Youtube is mass hiring “truth & safety” teams! WTF IS THAT. Truth and Safety? who are these ambassadors of Truth and Safety and why aren’t their pictures and biographies on the youtube site. Probably just a bunch of people who think they are super cool cuz they work for google LOL

Okay rant is over. I’m dumb for publishing this because it’s awful writing. But so what. No one actually reads this blog. I’ll write a more sensible post later.  Hopefully they won’t start censoring WordPress! Peace!

Just wrote this little number. – we can be who we want to be~!~

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We can be who we want to be

we can go where we want to go

we can write bad poems

and no-one will say I told you so

We can be who we want to be

we can go where we want to go

we can have our avocados

and eat toast too……

don’t be a fool

you knew it before

I said one last time

I’m watching you walk out that door

and now time after time and day after day

you still play

but you won’t play me no more

I’m walking out of your door

and now everything I need

is right in front of me

we can go where we want to go

we can be who we want to be

we can say what we want to say

as long as you don’t say

I told you so.