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Anne Rice Rekindles her Faith

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The woman who made Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise look irresistible as vampires now has pointed her pen toward the light. This Halloween weekend, I’m heading straight over to my local bookstore and buying these books.

Apparently, Ms. Rice went on trips to cathedrals all over the world and became infused with the Holy Spirit! She is now turning her pen to the light and using her gift to make Jesus more accessible to the world.  It should be an interesting read to say the least.  Jesus is just alright with me! Jesus is just allllriiight oh yeah!

It is good to know that some artists are using their talents to let the world know about god.  I have only recently discovered this type of faith as well and it really is nice to be part of god’s family again.  It is however a battle both with the world and with myself.  But as the preacher said this morning. When Jesus returns, I want to be in God’s family! I remember when I thought it was stupid to believe in Jesus and that the bible was just a piece of literature. But god was working in my heart as I drove across the country and when I got to Kansas I had a revelation. I’ll talk about that in a different entry. I can barely keep my eyes open at this point. The point is, I understand Rice’s transfer from being an atheist to believing in Christ and wanting his will to flow through her to the show the world of his greatness. Although I always believed in a “higher power” I was often condescending towards god before I was saved because I believed that he was sexist against women. But then I started reading the bible more and more and it really does honor women instead of desecrate them. I thought this morning about Eve and how she was deceived by Satan in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit. And for so long I believed that is how men kept women down because of the original sin of Eve eating the fruit. Then I heard this pastor preach on the radio about this very subject where he stated that even though Eve ate the fruit it was not her fault entirely. Because although Eve ate the fruit, she was tricked by the serpent. But Adam did not get tricked by the serpent but ate the forbidden fruit with full knowledge that he was not supposed to do so. So Eve was tricked by Satan but Adam was not and this is why the whole issue about women being the root of all sin is off base and really probably turns a lot of modern women off about the whole idea of God. But I digress…

When Rice was questioned about her trying to make Christ real to people she said something like “If I can make grown women believe in vampires, I don’t see why I can’t make Jesus Christ real to people who never believed in him.”  You can read the entire article here. When the rapture comes, I really want to be in this family and not here on earth.  I hope and pray each day that I finally can accept and know my purpose.  I ask everyday for Jesus to show me the way.  It looks like he just might!



Another GWB Anomaly Rant

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GWB passed a bill in 2005 to make America more “secure.”  And it’s not the Patriot Act, it’s an obscure amendment to an obscure energy bill.  I know this is old news but it didn’t take effect until last year. Do bills have to wait two years before put into motion?  If so, can’t the president just change that as well as change years and years of traditional daylight savings time?  Is the time change void when McCain or Obama get sworn in as the new president?  Will the new president decide that we have to add an additional month of time or will it now always be the first Sunday in November until Jenna Bush becomes president?  Frankly, I hate time changes but at as long as I have been alive it has been the end of October. I just realized this when my boyfriend told me that his clock kept resetting to compensate for daylight savings time.  Apparently, in 2005 Bush passed a bill to set daylight savings ahead to supposedly make America more “secure”.  Is that because we will be able to see the terrorists in the light?  What if they attack in the morning darkness of March? So many unanswered questions.  The peculiar thing is that it did not go into effect until 2007.  He signed it into practice because he said not only would it make America more secure, it would help the environment.  You think all that coke he snorted at Yale messed with his brain?   I thought something was off last year with the time but didn’t realize an actual bill was written about it.  Since when does the president have the power to change time?

Save Troy Davis

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Troy Davis was convicted of capital murder and now is awaiting his death by lethal injection on October 27, 2008.  The US Supreme court stayed his execution “pending the disposition of [his] petition for a writ of certiorari.”  The other court (apparently the state court?) denied his petition and now it is up to the Georgia Board of Pardons & Parole.  I have been following this case from the start and there is absolutely no reason why this man should not be given a new trial.  7 of the 9 witnesses recanted (the other 2 were policemen) and there was no murder weapon found.  New evidence has come into play that actually implicates another person.  You can read about the case, how to take action, etc. here.

I am against the death penalty and abortion (except in cases of sexual assault or abuse or if the mother is endangered).  If a girl can do grown up activities and not take the necessary precautions then they should do the grown up thing and either become a mother or give it up to someone who wants desperately to have a child and cannot. If one innocent man dies because of a wrong verdict, the entire system is flawed.  In recent years, many people who were wrongly executed were found out to be innocent via DNA evidence. I’m still a bit mixed about stem cell research.  On one hand, it is definitely playing god and creating a form of life.  But on the other hand, the life that is being created is to save a life that already exists.  I guess that the problem I have with it is that some kind of mad scientist or unscrupulous doctor might try to create some kind of cloning factory.  It is crazy the kind of questions that society needs to ask itself these days.  These are some of the reasons that I think it would be much easier to live in the olden days.  I sometimes wish that I lived in more simpler times.

Far and Away

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My heart hurts each day because I know you are there but there is no way to reach you. Look forward to your call every night only to realize that they are all too short and pale in comparison to your touch and your kiss. We both are trying so this gives me hope. I wonder how long we will have to try at this unnatural arrangement. I wonder how long until we hold each other and talk about our dreams and future but there are too many moments of separation. Each day is playing catch up to what happened the following day without sharing in the moment. I am becoming disillusioned by this arrangement. You tell me tonight your friend (who is a girl) is coming to spend the weekend with you while she’s on business. This hurts me because I want to be the one you are spending time with. You swear she is just a friend. I want to believe you. I try to believe you. I have trouble trusting men because of my past. This hurts me because I want to trust you completely. I remember when you first called me a friend. Now we have become so much more. Each night is another night of yearning and of wanting to feel you beside me again. I don’t know what happened. Everything has happened so fast. I want to believe in us and believe that we can make it despite all odds. When you don’t return my call I become disheartened and there is nothing left but the memory of the time we shared. I cry because I feel like you are slipping away and there is nothing I can do. I wonder if you will come see me someday but you say you can’t right now because of the demands of work. Where do I fit into your life? I once changed everything for you because I believed you were the one for me.  I still do believe that but it is hard to keep up this fight. I believe we are worth this battle.  I don’t want to quit.  I want to be with you so much it hurts down to the depth of my soul. This kind of love is the killing kind.

W.- the movie

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I can’t wait for this film to come out from one of my favorite directors, Oliver Stone.  It looks really interesting to see an alternative view of our president.  I think he is probably the most hated president in the history of our country but I am sure a lot of him is probably also misunderstood.  Some people claim he is evil.  I guess some of his actions and decisions are evil, but we have to realize that there are probably other factors and people who were influencing him throughout the presidency.  It’s strange how no one hailed the first Bush as an evil dictator, but then again the first Bush didn’t have to deal with 9-11.  I think that played a lot into it. But what do I know! I’m just interested to see what Stone has to say about our 43rd president. Check it out on October 17th.

Personal Bailout

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Well, I am back to write in my blog.  I’ve been distracted lately and haven’t been writing because I have been searching for a job nonstop down here in Florida.  Apparently, there is a hiring freeze going on.  My job history is great, my references are great, but yet I still have been unable to find a position.  I’ve met with about 6 recruiters in the past month.  They all tell me the same thing, no law firms are hiring until after the inauguration. This sucks because I am not going to be able to pay my bills this month.  I need a personal bailout.  Which leads me to my topic for this entry- why does the government run to the rescue of greedy corporations when they should be rescuing people like me who are struggling to make car payments?  The government could have given each tax paying American 2 million dollars each instead of trying to “bailout” these greedy corporations who basically have screwed us over.  I’m sure that if each tax paying American received 2 million dollars each then the economy would spring back into action.  I guess the reason why the government decided to come to wall street’s rescue is because there really isn’t 700 billion dollars, the government has just created this money (like monopoly) and has given the federal reserve a blank check to make all this new unmarked money that  basically has no worth.   The only worth it has is because we believe it to have worth.

We are dealing with play money here.  Before the 1960’s each note that was issued had to be backed by some percentage of gold.  Do you think that our country has 700 billion dollars of gold laying around in a secret vault somewhere?  Hardly.  Check out what Ron Paul has to say about the federal reserve then decide for yourself.  There’s a lot I don’t really know about economics but I do know that instead of builiding our economy on the foundation of sand we should build it on rock.  How can we get back to that?  There needs to be some sort of revolution I suppose.  The thing is, most people are so apathetic today that no one really wants to make that breakthrough.  All great societies fall.  Well back to job hunting….