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Posted in Society with tags , , , on June 6, 2009 by rikki5

Today on Drudge, I came across this post saying that DNA found on taser weapons can be used against criminals on trial.  You can read the article here.   Tasers should be outlawed all together.  Tasers are cruel and unusal punishment.  The Eighth Amendment protects against cruel and unusal punishment.  I guess the Niagra court missed that point.  Numerous deaths have been caused by Taser weapons throughout the years.

These weapons should be outlawed or at the very least should only be used by law enforcement in the most extreme of cases.  What happened to just good old pepper spray?  I don’t think anyone has ever died of pepper spray even though I guess it’s still unnecessary.  Anyway, people say who could care less what happens to dirty criminals? I can see that point of view but what about children who are dying because of these so called “safe” weapons.  Here is a recent article about a disabled teenager being tased to death .

And what about the Naked man tasered at Coachella for refusing to wear wizard’s robe?  This story was awful.  The man was simply just being naked.  They could have cuffed him and put in the car or something.  Yet, the police felt the need to shock him in the neck?  Terrible!