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Another GWB Anomaly Rant

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on October 27, 2008 by rikki5

GWB passed a bill in 2005 to make America more “secure.”  And it’s not the Patriot Act, it’s an obscure amendment to an obscure energy bill.  I know this is old news but it didn’t take effect until last year. Do bills have to wait two years before put into motion?  If so, can’t the president just change that as well as change years and years of traditional daylight savings time?  Is the time change void when McCain or Obama get sworn in as the new president?  Will the new president decide that we have to add an additional month of time or will it now always be the first Sunday in November until Jenna Bush becomes president?  Frankly, I hate time changes but at as long as I have been alive it has been the end of October. I just realized this when my boyfriend told me that his clock kept resetting to compensate for daylight savings time.  Apparently, in 2005 Bush passed a bill to set daylight savings ahead to supposedly make America more “secure”.  Is that because we will be able to see the terrorists in the light?  What if they attack in the morning darkness of March? So many unanswered questions.  The peculiar thing is that it did not go into effect until 2007.  He signed it into practice because he said not only would it make America more secure, it would help the environment.  You think all that coke he snorted at Yale messed with his brain?   I thought something was off last year with the time but didn’t realize an actual bill was written about it.  Since when does the president have the power to change time?


Dumbed Down Youth Rant

Posted in Society with tags , , , , on June 2, 2008 by rikki5

When I look around at today’s youth, I’ve noticed that many people from the age group 16-25 are seriously either sheltered or misinformed. I’m 30 so I am obviously excluded from “youth”…and I notice that it’s hard to have a conversation with younger people these days. They really don’t have much to say other than about trivial bullcrap. I’m sure there are a few exceptions but I am just talking about the generation as a whole. Have you ever tried talking to a young person these days? Like 18..19? It’s saddening. The main reason I am concerned is because back when I was in high school and early college years we at least were concerned about politics and social reform. Look at the bands that came from the early 90s…Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. Now look at the bands much crap no wonder these poor kids could care less. The sad part is no one ever mentions it. At least I didn’t think so until I came across this book entitled “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30)”written by Mark Bauerlein

You can buy it here

If you haven’t read this book, please do so. It creates a disturbing picture of today’s youth. It seems true as well. By the mere fact that today’s youth are bringing back 80s fashion is proof that their generation has serious issues. I saw leg warmers the other day! Leg warmers in 2008!!