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Anne Rice Rekindles her Faith

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The woman who made Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise look irresistible as vampires now has pointed her pen toward the light. This Halloween weekend, I’m heading straight over to my local bookstore and buying these books.

Apparently, Ms. Rice went on trips to cathedrals all over the world and became infused with the Holy Spirit! She is now turning her pen to the light and using her gift to make Jesus more accessible to the world.  It should be an interesting read to say the least.  Jesus is just alright with me! Jesus is just allllriiight oh yeah!

It is good to know that some artists are using their talents to let the world know about god.  I have only recently discovered this type of faith as well and it really is nice to be part of god’s family again.  It is however a battle both with the world and with myself.  But as the preacher said this morning. When Jesus returns, I want to be in God’s family! I remember when I thought it was stupid to believe in Jesus and that the bible was just a piece of literature. But god was working in my heart as I drove across the country and when I got to Kansas I had a revelation. I’ll talk about that in a different entry. I can barely keep my eyes open at this point. The point is, I understand Rice’s transfer from being an atheist to believing in Christ and wanting his will to flow through her to the show the world of his greatness. Although I always believed in a “higher power” I was often condescending towards god before I was saved because I believed that he was sexist against women. But then I started reading the bible more and more and it really does honor women instead of desecrate them. I thought this morning about Eve and how she was deceived by Satan in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit. And for so long I believed that is how men kept women down because of the original sin of Eve eating the fruit. Then I heard this pastor preach on the radio about this very subject where he stated that even though Eve ate the fruit it was not her fault entirely. Because although Eve ate the fruit, she was tricked by the serpent. But Adam did not get tricked by the serpent but ate the forbidden fruit with full knowledge that he was not supposed to do so. So Eve was tricked by Satan but Adam was not and this is why the whole issue about women being the root of all sin is off base and really probably turns a lot of modern women off about the whole idea of God. But I digress…

When Rice was questioned about her trying to make Christ real to people she said something like “If I can make grown women believe in vampires, I don’t see why I can’t make Jesus Christ real to people who never believed in him.”  You can read the entire article here. When the rapture comes, I really want to be in this family and not here on earth.  I hope and pray each day that I finally can accept and know my purpose.  I ask everyday for Jesus to show me the way.  It looks like he just might!



GWB’s Saudi Friends & Light & Fun

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So, I guess when I said the other day that GWB should ask his Saudi friends to do something about the fuel situation I must have been sort of psychic. Sort of because it looks like UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon not GWB is the one who had to step up to the plate.  I don’t understand this insane oil competition. The profiteers make billions per year meanwhile the world is coming to a stop. What will it take for these people to recognize what they are doing to the earth and to society? It’s just a shame that the scientists cannot come up with a better way to power things. But for the time being I am not going to worry about it. Plus, I just received my new gas credit card in the mail to fund my road trip so looks like all will be smooth sailing! Even though gas is nearing 5.00 a gallon, in the EU it’s even more expensive so I’m not going to cry about the situation. Just makes you wonder who is really running things? The Saudi Arabians are so powerful. I just hope Obama can come up with some alternative energy sources so we need not be dependent upon their charity.

Well, I did read a bit about Marxism. Seems it is actually more perfect in theory than in practice. The problem is those in charge start getting greedy and do things like create mass genocides and everything gets really ugly. At least with the capitalist system an individual can rise above their circumstances. I am definitely saying that Barack Obama is more of a Socialist than a Capitalist or the other extreme…so still much better than McCain. I am not sure what ever happened to Rudy Giuliani or Ron Paul? The Republicans really picked a poor contender. But what do you expect? They elected Bush for two consecutive terms.

I really need to stop talking about politics. It is just the world is so messed up. And no one seems to care. I hope I get into a happier disposition when I live in Florida. HAH

I am kind of freaking out about this guy situation. I really just want to be careful. My heart is already broken and I’m starting to like this guy..I think I actually have feelings for him and it’s really freaking me out. I think it is best if I just look at him as a friend. I just hope I can control my attraction to him. hahah! I just need to be smart, I know that we totally have no way to ever be together on a long term basis. It’s just too much work to try to maintain a long distance relationship. I’m definitely moving down south for at least 2 or 3 years so…it’s sad I wish we would have met sooner. This is why I haven’t been calling him or trying to get close to him. I’m not really ready right now to get close to anyone anyway. I am just going to keep it light and fun…it’s really the only way it will work out… Hopefully!!