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Dream 6/19

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As part of my new blog I am going to have a category entitled “dreams”. I find dreams fascinating and though many individuals believe they are simply random firings of various neurological elements of your brain, I happen to believe that dreams are very relevant as to what is going on in your subconscious. I don’t dream that often so there probably won’t be a lot of entries in this category. So here goes!

Last night this was what I remember of my dream:

I was here in my old neighborhood in Michigan and there were 2 very strong tornadoes coming, I looked up towards the sky and in the distance I could see the 2 most dark and ominous looking funnel clouds coming straight towards my house. It was most certainly 2 tornadoes but in the dream I thought they were hurricanes. I was trying to get everyone in the basement, including my cat. There were several people in the house but the only person I recognized was my little brother (who is now 28) but in my dream he was like 6 years old. My cat hid from me but I found him and put him in the basement. For some reason the basement had picture windows and we could see the tornadoes coming. There was a radio playing and it kept saying that it was headed towards “Double Baptist Road,” which from what I gather was the name of the street I lived on in the dream. The tornadoes came towards the house and I had my arms around my little brother and we both watched as the tornadoes passed over the house we were in, we couldn’t see anything but it wasn’t dark outside the windows it was like cream and brown but just a whirlwind.

Then I woke up.


An overwhelming or destructive situation in real life, most likely out of the dreamer’s control
A feeling or fear of being taken advantage of or victimized, especially suddenly or in an unpredictable way



New Blog !

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So, I have been writing entries in this blog on and off since 2008, when I first left Seattle.  Reading through some of it made me laugh.  I slacked off making entries this year but now I am feeling inspired to create a fresh new blog because I have a fresh new life!  So, I have marked all the entries since 2008 as “private” as they are pretty irrelevant to my life at this point. 

To anyone reading my new and (hopefully) improved blog, I hope you enjoy!  Here’s to fresh starts!

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