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End of the World

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Since tomorrow is the end of the world (haha)  I decided I should write a blog entry.  I haven’t written any since I got back from Paris, because I think that is the last time that I actually had a dream worth remembering.  Well, last night I actually had a dream but I remember little about it.  The main part I remember is that there was a black snake with yellow stripes on it and my cat was also in it.  I was scared the snake was going to bite my cat (Scout) but my cat scout popped it on the head and it didn’t do anything! Weird!

Snakes come to those who are in the process of transformation.  Change, squared. In other words, if you are having snake dreams, get ready for a shake up.  And this is GOOD.  Change is scary, threatening; it can come upon you like a snake in the grass, biting you when you least expect it.  Change can come in many forms and colors, and sometimes requires a huge swallowing of information (like the snake when eating), or a shedding of skin and with that, sense of trust in the divine (like the blind snake when shedding skin).  I like to look at a snake dream as a divine ticket to the next station.  When I dream of snake, regardless of the fear, I am excited…encouraged…what is the snake doing in my dream?  Is she biting me or chasing me?  Am I vulnerable, exposed, running away from the change?  Is the snake hiding in my house, or coming close to my children? 
Enlightenment, Transformation, Power,  Healing,  Trust,Change. 

Snakes throughout the world, in the ancient world and in tribal or shamanic areas, are synonomous with knowledge and visions…and also the spirit realms. 
Snake symbology slithers back to ancient times.  It is one of the oldest symbols in the world.  Snake dreams are rich in meaning; they are not to be ignored.  Whenever I have a snake dream I ask myself:  Are you ready for change?  Are you ready for a new transformation?  Generally the dream will be showing you just how ready you are…

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It’s crazy I had this dream about a snake the day before December 21, 2012!

So, I guess that I am going to start writing in my blog more in 2013.  The dream idea isn’t cutting it since I don’t dream very much..!


Happy holidays to all!

If for some reason the world does end tomorrow, I just want to quote Frost – “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world!”