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End of the World

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Since tomorrow is the end of the world (haha)  I decided I should write a blog entry.  I haven’t written any since I got back from Paris, because I think that is the last time that I actually had a dream worth remembering.  Well, last night I actually had a dream but I remember little about it.  The main part I remember is that there was a black snake with yellow stripes on it and my cat was also in it.  I was scared the snake was going to bite my cat (Scout) but my cat scout popped it on the head and it didn’t do anything! Weird!

Snakes come to those who are in the process of transformation.  Change, squared. In other words, if you are having snake dreams, get ready for a shake up.  And this is GOOD.  Change is scary, threatening; it can come upon you like a snake in the grass, biting you when you least expect it.  Change can come in many forms and colors, and sometimes requires a huge swallowing of information (like the snake when eating), or a shedding of skin and with that, sense of trust in the divine (like the blind snake when shedding skin).  I like to look at a snake dream as a divine ticket to the next station.  When I dream of snake, regardless of the fear, I am excited…encouraged…what is the snake doing in my dream?  Is she biting me or chasing me?  Am I vulnerable, exposed, running away from the change?  Is the snake hiding in my house, or coming close to my children? 
Enlightenment, Transformation, Power,  Healing,  Trust,Change. 

Snakes throughout the world, in the ancient world and in tribal or shamanic areas, are synonomous with knowledge and visions…and also the spirit realms. 
Snake symbology slithers back to ancient times.  It is one of the oldest symbols in the world.  Snake dreams are rich in meaning; they are not to be ignored.  Whenever I have a snake dream I ask myself:  Are you ready for change?  Are you ready for a new transformation?  Generally the dream will be showing you just how ready you are…

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It’s crazy I had this dream about a snake the day before December 21, 2012!

So, I guess that I am going to start writing in my blog more in 2013.  The dream idea isn’t cutting it since I don’t dream very much..!


Happy holidays to all!

If for some reason the world does end tomorrow, I just want to quote Frost – “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world!”



Crazy dream in Paris

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Ok, the “Blogging” entry that I posted earlier was written a while ago.  I just published it now.  I just got back from Paris and while I was there I had the most frightening dreams ever.

The first dream I had (and granted, it’s been a while now- so I have forgotten a lot of it)  was about the devil who possessed this little girl.  I haven’t had the access to the internet to write it.  But it was a little girl and we were all standing around her.  I don’t remember who else it was, but it was a lot of people standing around this little girl in back of her. And she was like facing a wall or just had her back to us.  She was very upset and crying and moaning and being hysterical.   We were trying to get her to calm down for some reason but she didn’t want anyone to come near her.  She then suddenly turned around and her face was evil and dark like it was completely possessed by the devil and she held a fork to her throat. We then completely starting saying and pleading with her ..”Please darling, put the fork down we love you”  There was such anguish in us.  Then she stabbed herself in the throat with the fork!!

It was crazy. We all went crazy I was so scared. I remember feeling a very evil presence in the dream.  I made myself wake up after that. 


Possible meanings:

To dream of devil means fear of the unknown and the new. It is a warning, and it is the fears, nervousness being personified. I have had these dreams when I went into a new environment, and at eleven when I started a new school I dreamed about the devil. I could be a warning sign to be careful. In my dreams I was in Hell, and it was all red. The dreams about the devil should be headed. This of the expressions, the devil’s in the detail, and the devil in carnet.



Possession: It’s almost as if the dream examines the nature of evil, which could mean that there is a lack of understanding in the conscious sphere. Evil is depicted as a spirit that can possess people in turn, even seemingly innocent people like little children. Historically, this spirit goes under the name of Satan, the devil, Mephistopheles, etc. The evil principle causes people to be like “living dead”, since their souls are dead, as it were (e.g., they have “sold their souls to Satan”.) They are like skeletons with clothes on. This is a well-known theme in myth. The vampires are “undead”, that is, they are seemingly alive although the life’s flame has been extinguished in their soul. That’s why they steal life from other people, in the form of blood, which has always been a symbol of the vital life-force.  It’s almost as if such mythic themes (which no doubt have originally sprung from dreams) express that evil people have a very different psychic economy, and that this economy is gradually strengthened to become genuinely evil, at which point they have become “undead”, living deads, zombies, bloodsuckers. 

Unconsciousness of evil is a necessary condition for evil possession. Hence, becoming conscious of evil nature protects a person from becoming subject to possession. So this could be the underlying reason for these dreams, i.e. to protect you against evil by increasing your conscious level in these matters. Please also read this dream analysis of mine: Harassed by evil presence


Dream 7/19

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Dream this morning:

I was living in Ann Arbor in a huge old Victorian. I had to go to court with my boss but I didn’t want to go and wasn’t ready when it was time for them to go. I started crying because I really didn’t want to go to court. (this probably has to do with real life because I was supposed to accompany my attorney to court today, but luckily upon arriving at work this morning he asked if I want to go and I said “I would prefer not to.” lol.. ok, back to the dream. I decided to go home instead and an intruder came in and was trying to burglarize me. I called the cops but someone came up the stairs where the intruder was and shot him point blank in the head. I was in complete shock because I didn’t want to shoot him. The cop came and I was trying to explain about the intruder but he thought I had shot him because the other person who actually did shoot him took off.

then I woke up!

Possible Meanings:

cops -Police – Dreaming about the police could symbolize many different things, so please consider all of the details carefully. If the police are chasing you, it suggests that you may be feeling some guilt about something that you have done or have been thinking of doing. The police could be addressing Karmic Law as well as the laws in our physical world. If you are feeling that you can’t meet all of your obligations and fear repercussions due to an unmet commitment, the police may be an unwelcome sight. On a more positive note and depending on the details of your dream, the police could symbolize support and protection. Your emotional response to the dream will provide you with good clues to interpreting this dream accurately. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming about police is an indication that you will obtain unexpected assistance with a current problem.

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Violence – Violence in dreams is a consistent metaphor for emotional injury and pain in your waking life. If someone is violent with you in a dream or you are surrounded by hostile people, consider where you are surrounded by mean and angry people in your waking life. Your dream is warning you that you don’t feel safe in their company. If you are violent in a dream, it is a metaphor for your feelings of frustration toward a person or a situation in your waking life. It does not mean you want to hurt the person, but you would like to communicate better. If there is a lot of violence around you in a dream, neither caused by nor directed at you, it reflects your sense that there is a lot of violence (physical and/or emotional) around you in your waking life. Defending yourself in a dream, even if you wound or kill an attacker, is a positive sign, reflecting your willingness and confidence to stand up to your opponents in order to defend yourself.

Symbol of aggression, anger, power and protection. If the gun fires properly, the dream suggests feelings of power and confidence. If the gun will not fire, or if the bullets are ineffective, feelings of powerlessness are represented. If the dreamer is attacking another with a gun, he or she should be alerted to hostile or angry feelings towards the persons attacked. Being shot at indicates an emotional attack in waking life. Dreams of being surrounded by people who carry guns can reflect feelings that one is involved with a “dangerous crowd.” Dreams of guns should not be interpreted as precognitive.

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Dream 6/19

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As part of my new blog I am going to have a category entitled “dreams”. I find dreams fascinating and though many individuals believe they are simply random firings of various neurological elements of your brain, I happen to believe that dreams are very relevant as to what is going on in your subconscious. I don’t dream that often so there probably won’t be a lot of entries in this category. So here goes!

Last night this was what I remember of my dream:

I was here in my old neighborhood in Michigan and there were 2 very strong tornadoes coming, I looked up towards the sky and in the distance I could see the 2 most dark and ominous looking funnel clouds coming straight towards my house. It was most certainly 2 tornadoes but in the dream I thought they were hurricanes. I was trying to get everyone in the basement, including my cat. There were several people in the house but the only person I recognized was my little brother (who is now 28) but in my dream he was like 6 years old. My cat hid from me but I found him and put him in the basement. For some reason the basement had picture windows and we could see the tornadoes coming. There was a radio playing and it kept saying that it was headed towards “Double Baptist Road,” which from what I gather was the name of the street I lived on in the dream. The tornadoes came towards the house and I had my arms around my little brother and we both watched as the tornadoes passed over the house we were in, we couldn’t see anything but it wasn’t dark outside the windows it was like cream and brown but just a whirlwind.

Then I woke up.


An overwhelming or destructive situation in real life, most likely out of the dreamer’s control
A feeling or fear of being taken advantage of or victimized, especially suddenly or in an unpredictable way