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Posted in Writing with tags , , on May 30, 2008 by rikki5

This blog so far has been good. It’s forcing me to write about all the crazy stuff in my head and pushing me to actually write something everyday even if it’s utter nonsense. I’m not trying to impress anyone or be some kind of entertaining blogger. So, if you are reading this expecting to be informed or entertained then please move on. In fact, why are you reading this? hehe.. I watched Dr. Phil today. He is so right on about so much crazy relationship stuff. Two parents have joint custody of their kids and using them as pawns in their grown up drama against each other. And the new wife is pregnant. Where do they find these people? I also watched Martha Stewart make pickled beets. I miss daytime television. But, I’m getting off topic. I wanted to write about my daily writing habits, or lack thereof..

Well, there isn’t much to say. Maybe I should have written about a different topic. Basically, I’m forcing myself to write something each day but most of the time it’s a bunch of crap, which makes me depressed and apathetic towards the whole process. Then occasionally I will sneak out a couple paragraphs of good work. Not great, just good. The problem is that I’m so distracted by life right now. It is hard to separate the time needed to create and the time needed to live life. I hope that I can work on this in the coming months as I uproot my life and switch it all up- for the better!