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Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2008 by rikki5

Today was nice- a few people from work took me out to lunch for my last day and gave me a nice card and gift.  I didn’t even go into work yesterday because I’m so overwhelmed with things to do so was surprised when everyone started crowding around my desk at noon telling me that I have to go to lunch.   I am pretty much ready to go just need to clean out my car and pack everything up.  I bought scout some “calming” chews and this stuff called “Destress” you are supposed to spray it and it is supposed to make your cat more chill when traveling..we will see.  I’m not even sure if that guy wants me to visit him.  He txt me last night but haven’t talked to him really in a couple days.  If he doesn’t call me tonight then I don’t know.  Part of me doesn’t want to go there just to leave him but part of me really likes him and wants to see him again.  So much to do still.   I need to return that stupid comcast cable box by 7 pm tonight.  I’m hoping to leave here early after my “exit interview”. 

So what are my thoughts after having worked here for a year?  I really like the people at this firm.  Much better than at my other firms.  I don’t like the fact that I have to bill 7 hours of my time each day.  I’m not an attorney so I don’t think I should have to do this.  I hope my next firm I won’t have to. It’s really a pain to have to document each thing you do everyday.

So anyway, hopefully I’ll talk to that guy tonight and figure out if he still wants me to go down there.  There are crazy wildfires burning in northern california, if I go down there I hope I don’t have problems.  Talked to Rhi last night, she wants me to come down there but I don’t know I’m starting to think it might be too much money and time especially with Scout ..but we will see.  I have my laptop so hope to take some photos of my journey and blog them here.  I talked to H. last night online.  I told him I am moving there and he said that I should have moved sooner.  I’m like why? He’s all to spend more time with your mom.  I hope once I am there I can convince H. to meet me, I’ll drive up there to meet him. Damn you H!


GWB’s Saudi Friends & Light & Fun

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So, I guess when I said the other day that GWB should ask his Saudi friends to do something about the fuel situation I must have been sort of psychic. Sort of because it looks like UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon not GWB is the one who had to step up to the plate.  I don’t understand this insane oil competition. The profiteers make billions per year meanwhile the world is coming to a stop. What will it take for these people to recognize what they are doing to the earth and to society? It’s just a shame that the scientists cannot come up with a better way to power things. But for the time being I am not going to worry about it. Plus, I just received my new gas credit card in the mail to fund my road trip so looks like all will be smooth sailing! Even though gas is nearing 5.00 a gallon, in the EU it’s even more expensive so I’m not going to cry about the situation. Just makes you wonder who is really running things? The Saudi Arabians are so powerful. I just hope Obama can come up with some alternative energy sources so we need not be dependent upon their charity.

Well, I did read a bit about Marxism. Seems it is actually more perfect in theory than in practice. The problem is those in charge start getting greedy and do things like create mass genocides and everything gets really ugly. At least with the capitalist system an individual can rise above their circumstances. I am definitely saying that Barack Obama is more of a Socialist than a Capitalist or the other extreme…so still much better than McCain. I am not sure what ever happened to Rudy Giuliani or Ron Paul? The Republicans really picked a poor contender. But what do you expect? They elected Bush for two consecutive terms.

I really need to stop talking about politics. It is just the world is so messed up. And no one seems to care. I hope I get into a happier disposition when I live in Florida. HAH

I am kind of freaking out about this guy situation. I really just want to be careful. My heart is already broken and I’m starting to like this guy..I think I actually have feelings for him and it’s really freaking me out. I think it is best if I just look at him as a friend. I just hope I can control my attraction to him. hahah! I just need to be smart, I know that we totally have no way to ever be together on a long term basis. It’s just too much work to try to maintain a long distance relationship. I’m definitely moving down south for at least 2 or 3 years so…it’s sad I wish we would have met sooner. This is why I haven’t been calling him or trying to get close to him. I’m not really ready right now to get close to anyone anyway. I am just going to keep it light and fun…it’s really the only way it will work out… Hopefully!!


Lost in the West

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I feel like things are in such a state of chaos right now it’s hard to even focus on this blog. I’m preparing for my move to Florida…so my entries probably will be sporadic until I actually get there in late July/early August and become more settled..i.e.- bored. I fear that I will be terribly bored down there but at least I’ll have school to keep busy…

So, I haven’t been doing much writing at all. I’m trying to decipher what I can bring/what needs shipping/ and what needs to be tossed. It’s hard to decide all this plus deciding so much other stuff. Work is a distraction yet I need to make the money so I can afford my bills while I’m off. I don’t know if I should sell my HDTV or not. Part of me wants the cash and part of me wants to keep it. It’s so hard to get up to go to work knowing all the stuff that needs to get done at home. I never really thought I would be traveling again across country. When I came back to Washington I thought that would be it. In fact, this little town I live in I love so much. It’s so quaint, by the sea..little downtown area, quaint european shops and cafes. Two years ago I said that I would live in this town until I die..and just look each day where I would be buried, where I would eat breakfast at seventy…but now I realize that I’m too lonely here away from my family (back east) and friends (California).

Anyway, lots of stuff going on. Part of me wishes life were simpler but I know that once I arrive at my destination that my life will be more fufilling on levels that are impossible to acheive living here. Plus it will be nice to get a change of perspective/scenery. C’est la vie!

Love and Debt

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The cost of love is considerable. So is the cost of paying your bills on time. If you start to lag behind on your bills…fuck, you lose credit points. If you lose credit points- basically, you are screwed. At least in the USA everything really comes down to your FICO score. It basically dictates your entire life course.

I met this guy and I think I’m really falling for him. I make myself look like a jerk sometimes, but I don’t care! Love is crazy and is the exact same thing as a bank account. You get from it what you deposit into it. But if you overdraw you get hit with major penalties. I realize that most people will eventually screw you over in the end. Maybe I have become jaded, who is to tell?! All I know there really is nothing to compare with this feeling. Then again, I could be delusional. It doesn’t matter anyway because I’m moving to Florida to start this writing program.

But anyway- I really like this guy. He is so cute and has a great sense of humor. I wish things weren’t so messed up though. I was thinking about this chick the other day who told me that people with blogs who have nothing to say are so lame. But who cares! I’m writing this blog for myself not for anyone else out there. If you don’t like it then you can eat it! hahahahahah

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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So I told my work today that I’m leaving at the end of the month. They were all very cool about it. Actually, they said they will give me an excellent reference so that is good. So I’m working here until the end of the month. I hope in my next job I don’t have to bill my time. I hate billing my time. Not too worried about finding a paralegal job though, they are everywhere. This is a very litigious society.

So, I guess this month will be just about wrapping my life up here in Seattle and heading back east! This is definitely going to be a culture shock going from the northwest to southeast. I hope I don’t totally hate it there. I’m looking forward to starting my writing program this fall. Waking up this a.m. it was cold and pouring rain and the feeling to leave here became even stronger. It’s June and I turned on my heat last night. Absurd.

I met this interesting person over the weekend. It’s too bad I’m moving to Florida. Haha..what in the hell…I had everything figured out then I have to meet him. I’m worried about traveling with my cat in my car. Not sure how that will play out. Maybe I should buy one of those harness/leash deals. I thought about shipping him (Scout) but seems like that would be so stressful to an animal to be shipped on a plane and have total strangers pick you up. Not to mention I would be scared to death he would be lost in transit. I have no problems driving across the country- I’ve done it three times before- just never with an animal. Dogs are way cooler to travel with. Two of those times I was with someone else and once I drove from Palm Springs – Lexington, KY. That was back in 2001 though. I just know I cannot stay here any longer. I feel like Seattle is a vortex of negative energy just waiting to suck me into the black void!

Dumbed Down Youth Rant

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When I look around at today’s youth, I’ve noticed that many people from the age group 16-25 are seriously either sheltered or misinformed. I’m 30 so I am obviously excluded from “youth”…and I notice that it’s hard to have a conversation with younger people these days. They really don’t have much to say other than about trivial bullcrap. I’m sure there are a few exceptions but I am just talking about the generation as a whole. Have you ever tried talking to a young person these days? Like 18..19? It’s saddening. The main reason I am concerned is because back when I was in high school and early college years we at least were concerned about politics and social reform. Look at the bands that came from the early 90s…Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. Now look at the bands much crap no wonder these poor kids could care less. The sad part is no one ever mentions it. At least I didn’t think so until I came across this book entitled “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30)”written by Mark Bauerlein

You can buy it here

If you haven’t read this book, please do so. It creates a disturbing picture of today’s youth. It seems true as well. By the mere fact that today’s youth are bringing back 80s fashion is proof that their generation has serious issues. I saw leg warmers the other day! Leg warmers in 2008!!