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Tale of a Modern Woman

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Cecily looked around the mansion, something was just not right.  The painting of her father was looking at her like she should be doing something productive but the night was young and her guests would be arriving soon.   Arthur was playing piano (what song)?) in the foyer.

“miss, I’ve started the ice, and the champagne is on chill,” said her maidservant.

“Very well, and how are the houer d’overs platters coming along?”  Cecily stepped out onto the balcony over looking the canal.  The moon was setting low in the northwest and the sky was a hot pink hue.  The air was filled with salt and the smell of the sea.  She thought of her dead fathers’s eyes looking at her from the portrait.

He always could see through to the heart of me, she thought.  Cecily laughed to herself.  I cannot see through anything.  She thought of the prohibition and things would turn out.  She had not heard from Roland all day.   All of a sudden she heard a clamor from the kitchen.

She noticed some plates had been dropped.

“Why on earth are you so noisy?”  I cannot be concerning myself with matters the kitchen any further.  She heard the car pull up.

The guests are arriving.  Please clean this up and see what he should have to drink.

Yes miss, sorry miss.

Cecily looked around the foyer and imagined someone playing there.  The floors now were run down but she did understand the view .  Often her only solace was coming home to that same view.  Everything somehow was always right and a life without care was more important than some kind of unjustified principle.  She continued sifting through the box and realized how similar her situation to Cecily was.


Cecily walked into the basement speakeasy.  The sound of jazz from inside was pounding in her heart the entire walk towards the door.  Roland opened the door for her.

“My lady”, he said.

The bump bump da bump was coming in louder without the soundproof barrier.

“Wow! It sure is loud”  Cecily exclaimed, ready to get right in on the action.  Roland led her to their table next to the stage but in the corner.  The flapper girls were dancing on the stage

What’ll you have?

Gin and tonic please.

The waiter smiled and walked away.  Cecily and Roland sat in silence watching the girls on stage.

“Do you think I’m prettier than those girls on stage?” Cecily asked.  She was being coy.

“My dear, you are by far the most attractive woman in this place”  He offered her a cigarette.
She accepted and he lit it for her.  The entire time their eyes were interlocked together.

Cecily smiled and enjoyed the release of the smoke.

“I don’t usually smoke” she said.

Roland was silent and turned his gaze towards the girls on stage.  Cecily watched the girls with their gold and silver dresses flapping to the beat of the jazz music.  She still wondered if Roland was true.  But there was no time to waste because the waiter arrived with their drinks.  He was a young boy with brown hair and excited about working in the hottest speakeasy in town.  Cecily felt kind towards him.  Thanks son, she said, as she passed him a five dollar bill.  She wanted to quit thinking about what Roland wanted and tried to relax.