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Personal Bailout

Posted in Life, Society with tags , , , on October 5, 2008 by rikki5

Well, I am back to write in my blog.  I’ve been distracted lately and haven’t been writing because I have been searching for a job nonstop down here in Florida.  Apparently, there is a hiring freeze going on.  My job history is great, my references are great, but yet I still have been unable to find a position.  I’ve met with about 6 recruiters in the past month.  They all tell me the same thing, no law firms are hiring until after the inauguration. This sucks because I am not going to be able to pay my bills this month.  I need a personal bailout.  Which leads me to my topic for this entry- why does the government run to the rescue of greedy corporations when they should be rescuing people like me who are struggling to make car payments?  The government could have given each tax paying American 2 million dollars each instead of trying to “bailout” these greedy corporations who basically have screwed us over.  I’m sure that if each tax paying American received 2 million dollars each then the economy would spring back into action.  I guess the reason why the government decided to come to wall street’s rescue is because there really isn’t 700 billion dollars, the government has just created this money (like monopoly) and has given the federal reserve a blank check to make all this new unmarked money that  basically has no worth.   The only worth it has is because we believe it to have worth.

We are dealing with play money here.  Before the 1960’s each note that was issued had to be backed by some percentage of gold.  Do you think that our country has 700 billion dollars of gold laying around in a secret vault somewhere?  Hardly.  Check out what Ron Paul has to say about the federal reserve then decide for yourself.  There’s a lot I don’t really know about economics but I do know that instead of builiding our economy on the foundation of sand we should build it on rock.  How can we get back to that?  There needs to be some sort of revolution I suppose.  The thing is, most people are so apathetic today that no one really wants to make that breakthrough.  All great societies fall.  Well back to job hunting….