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Where is Moz? and please return my €$

Posted in Life, Music with tags , , , , , on April 30, 2009 by rikki5

Where is Moz? and why won’t Ticketmaster answer my questions?  I don’t understand. He was supposed to play Jannus Landing and yet, he doesn’t show due to a mysterious “illness”.  I’m really worried about him.  I hear there have been sightings all over America and he’s done some great shows.  Why did he forget about St. Petersburg?  I feel gipped too because Ticketmaster keeps saying it has been “postponed”.  Yet, they do not have a date.  I really love Moz but I’m starting to feel disappointed as a fan.

I’m watching Fargo.  Steve Buscemi is really hilarious.  What a joker.   I have decided to get up fairly early on Satuday and Sunday to complete my narrative.  I plan on spending the days at the library researching and the nights at home writing.  Tonight, however..I’m watching IFC. The End.